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Patio Structure

Fiberglass Patio Cover

Eco Pultrusions offer premium-quality FRP profiles for patio structure,include Garden Fence,Stair handrail , Window / Door frame , Plant treilles / stakes , Patio shade fiberglass structures etc.

Composite pergola, Carpot

Planted Patio Cover / Pergola

Eco Pultrusions patio cover / pergola made of premium fiberglass composite, which can resist UV and rain corrosion,virtually maintenance free. Eco Pultrusions’ design is mutual functional. The planted pergola can be defined as a patio cover or as a carpot.

frp pergola profile

Fiberglass Pultruded Window & Door

Compared with the steel aluminum alloy windows which are popular in the current market, fiberglass pultruded doors and windows have following outstanding advantages:

Light weight and high strength. FRP products density is 1.6~2.0g/cm3, which is 75% lighter than steel, and about 30% lighter than aluminum, but the strength is four times of the aluminum and steel.

fiberglass window and door
Casement Awning Fixed (CS) Premium Fixed (DHT) Double-Hung Tilt
Premium Double-Hung Bow/Bay Three page Premium Side Sliders Custom Styles
Item Unit FRP PVC Aluminium Steel
Density 103kg/m³ 1.9 1.4 2.9 7.85
Thermal expansivity 10-8/℃ 7 65 21 11
Thermal conductivity W/m.℃ 0.3 0.3 203.5 46.5
Tensile strength MPa 420 50 150 420
Specific strength / 221 36 53 53
frp sunroom

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