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Custom Profiles

What Information Is Needed For Custom Profiles?

  • Sample
  • Tooling
  • Technical data
  • CAD or 3D drawings
  • To design based on your description

Custom Process

Custom Process


Product Name Custom Profile
Color Customized
Standard GB, ASTM, E23
Resin Type GP/ISO/VE
Thickness Customized
Shape Customized, simple or complicated
Surface Polyester surface mat, continuous strand mat, needled mat,
combination reinforcing mat
Application Industry, machinery, construction

Ranges of Custom Profiles

No matter how big or small / No matter how thick or thin /No matter how it is like We can cutomize

Advantages of our custom profiles service

  • Strong professional team
  • Do design and prototype
  • Test and verify the prototype
  • Make trial production
  • Make mass production
  • 24-hour service
  • Quality ISO-9001 certified
  • Rich experience since 1997

*OEM is very welcome here. We are here to work with you anytime.